On this website I will be keeping you updated as to developments regarding the Public Artworks for Hamworthy Library. These updates are posted with the most recent first so please scroll down to get an overview of developments.

I have been commissioned on the basis of my previous commissions – many which have been in steel and for my ability to creat durable outdoor public art.  I will ultimatly be designing the new works for the Library but I am keen to involve the local community with developing ideas and will be doing workshops with local schools and community groups. Please leave your comments – they are very welcome and please comment on emerging ideas and designs.

I will start to post emerging designs in January so please visit again then!

I am very excited about this project and producing some exciting and engaging artworks for the liPete Moorhousebrary.

Pete Moorhouse

Sculptor and Public Artist


It’s installed! – as of  Wednesday 24 March


Ebb and flow 2010

The sculpture takes it’s inspiration from the reflected wave patterns created on the surface of water – far example how the reflection of a mast is distorted by the undulating nature of the sea. The sculpture responds directly to the architecture of the library and landscaping picking up on the sunken wave form and square arrays of the photovoltaic cells and stepping stones.

 The etched text could be seen as bubbles raising from the sea bed – a sea of knowledge and creativity – text floating up to create new narratives. The text connects to the library context and on each face the name of a famous novel has been jumbled .

 The title Ebb and Flow responds to the way in which the reflective waves change, continuously getting wider and narrower with the movement of the water and also relating to the coastal tidal context.

 The sculpture is made from marine stainless steel and has been etched with aluminium oxide.

 Pete Moorhouse Sculptor and Public Artist

See below the documentation of the project


Library Workshops looking at internal work for the Library 25-03-10

Images from a day of workshops….

The sculpture in position!

Image showing the sculpture in daylight and illuminated at night.

Sculpture Instalation

Lifting the work into position…..

Sculpture fabrication

Below are a few images of the fabrication process……

Final design

The final design has been selected. This was well received by the steering committee and also when show to library staff and library users.

The final design is site specific to the location in the way that it reflects the architectural setting. The elements that the work related to are the strong wave forms in the landscaping and the repeated squares of the “stepping-stones” in the landscaping and in the square arrays of the photovoltaic panels. The elevated wave form are derived from the reflected wave patterns that are seen on the water surface in the harbour. My intention was to create a bold work that is striking as you pass the library and can act as a waymarking feature as well as being aesthetically strong and engaging closer up as people walk by entering and leaving the library. The work is designed to be strong in the 3 dimensions and work well when viewed from all angles. The work is to fabricated from marine stainless steel.

The effect of the work will be in the way the observer can get a sense of movement from the work as they walk past it and in the manner that the different flanges catch the light at different times of the day creating an ever-changing work. At night the sculpture will be illuminated with low energy LED lighting that will provide added effect during dark evenings of the winter months.

At the base of the sculpture the stainless steel will be etched with rising text letters celebrating the building blocks of writing and information.

The card maquettes below give an idea how the finished work will look.


Update 5 explorations

I have been exploring the site specific context of the work. I a keen that the sculpture work s well in the given location and responds to the site in terms of the architectural surrounding as well as context.  There are two strong forms that stand out for me from the buildings and landscaping. One is the wave form that is used to landscape the front of the library and the other is the square form – again found in the stepping-stones in the sunken landscape and also in the arrays of squares in the photovoltaic panels.

In the following examples I’ve been experimenting with these forms. These are explorations of form and are not to be viewed as potential sculptures.

In terms of context I will be experimenting with ways in which to incorporate text – the building block of the library whether in book format or online

Update 4 Carter Community School

On Friday 4th December I worked with the year 10 students at Carter Community School.  They have a very impressive artroom with a great variety of really good artwork inspired by their Head of Art Kevin Moore.  We discussed the project and the students were excited about the new library and the facilities it would have to offer especially the recording studio! We looked at different approaches to Public Art and I showed them examples of my work to give them insight into a Professional Artist’s career. We then had a practical session where the students explored different ideas and experimented with ways in which to express these in a sculptural form working in card. Below is selection of their work.  A big thank you to Year 10 for your enthusiasm and ideas.